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Connecting generations…preserving history

Vitae Coins® preserves the history, honor and stories of your loved ones by combining technology with traditional headstone or grave marker memorials. Generations of your family will have access to the historical and biographical information of their ancestors.

When you purchase a Vitae Coin®, you create a personalized memorial web page to share stories, photos, videos, and biographical information to chronicle the special person’s life. When you scan the coin with your smartphone, the personalized memorial web page opens. The coin can be affixed to a gravestone or other memorial grave marker, or kept as a personal keepsake. Vitae Coins® can also be personalized for your pet.  If you have other coins you would like to see, we welcome your suggestions.

Helping others

With the purchase of each coin, you help those in need. Choose one of our partner non-profit organizations to receive a tax-deductible donation. Vitae Coins® is a Veteran-founded company and is committed to helping veterans and their families.

U.S Patent 9027841

Vitae Coins®



Actual size: 1.75 " diameter.

U.S. Patent 9027841

Diameter:                        1.75"
Thickness:                       3.5mm (approx 3/16")
Weight:                           1.34 oz. (38 grams)
                                      Soft enamel
                                      Epoxy on front and sides only
Choice of text color:               Red, White, Blue or Black

Choice of actual coin color: Copper, Silver, Brass, Gold, Bronze, Black Nickel or All White